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I See… NO I HEAR Dead People

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My husband thinks I’m crazy and maybe by the end of this blog, you will too.

I hear and I feel and sometimes see spirits.  I’m not psychic but I do have psychic tendencies.  I’m sure you have had the same things happen to you at one time or another.

For example:

  • My mother and I always knew who was on the phone when it rang.  Whether it was each other or some random call from a friend or family member, we knew it as soon as the phone rang.  And this was pre-caller ID!
  • When my mother was hospitalized for her diabetes (she was a brittle diabetic) I tried to call her because I had a funny feeling.   I couldn’t reach her so I frantically called the nurses’ station at the hospital and demanded that they check on her immediately.  Well, I was right.  She went into such severe sugar shock and had I not called… well, the scenario is not a good one.
  • When one of my cats is doing something wrong, I know that he or she is up to no good and catch him or her in the act every single time.  I’m sure some of you have that same feeling with your kids.  My mother did with me and she was always right.

After my father’s dog died I would go over and see shadows of a dog walking around his house.  My mom and dad saw it too.

When I moved into my new house I used to feel someone sit on the bed and then get up.  I thought it was a cat – but each time I woke up to look there was no cat.  I told my husband and he poo-pooed me as usual.
When my parents were staying over my mom told me the exact same story of someone sitting on her bed.  She woke up – no cat.  My father felt nothing.  I never told her about my ghostly suspicions but yet she had the same experience at my house.

Wait…. it gets much better.

During the ghost’s occupation I started feeling and hearing dead people.  The first one was my grandmother.  I was in the car with John and I got goose bumps all over, my hair stood on end, I felt a hand on my shoulder and I heard my grandmother’s voice.

There were no words – just her voice.  I can’t explain it.  I talked back to her while my husband listened in disbelief and then I felt her presence disappear from the car.  After that day, I starting having the same experience with other spirits that were lingering.  It was really freaking me out!

One day I swear I brought some home with me.  I finally said,
I appreciate that you want to come to me for help but you’re really starting to freak me out.  If you can find someone else to help you I’d appreciate it because I don’t think I know how to help you.  Please go away.

Evidently they listened.  I never felt the presence in the house and I never brought anymore misguided spirits home with me.

That doesn’t mean that it still doesn’t happen (just not in my house).

For a while now, when I drive south on the GSP and I reach exit 100, I get the chills, goosebumps, my hair stands up and I get cold and clammy.  It took me a few times to realize that it was happening at the same place each time.  When my top is down or the windows are down, it is the strongest.  I can’t wall up and ignore it.  Windows up, top up with AC running – I still feel something.  Without the AC I’m usually good.

I also smell different odors.  I get whiffs of people (my dead aunt Mimi) and things – that no one else can smell but me.  That’s when I know I have a visitor.

I’ve told some of my friends about it but it’s not something you advertise.  I guess I’m doing it now… a coming out of the closet perhaps.

Tuesday night I was driving home from my dad’s on the Garden State Parkway.  All of a sudden, I heard a frantic knock at my passenger side window.  I actually jumped and looked and deduced that at 80 mph there was no one knocking on my window.  Then what the hell was it?

Maybe I should stop sleeping with my Tarot cards under my pillow.

I don’t know if you have had anything similar happen to you… I’d love to hear about it.  Am I nuts?

Until the next presence crosses my path… Adieu.

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Do They Celebrate Birthdays in Heaven?

Today my mom would have turned 75 years old.

But alas my mother is in Heaven doing heavenly things and all I can do is miss her terribly.

I’ve been completely alone since she left.  Yeah, I know I have a husband and a father who I love dearly – but I am alone.

I’ve been wishing her Happy Birthday all day.  I’ve been  trying to keep busy because as soon as I’m alone with myself, I cry and cry and cry.

So Happy Birthday Mommy!  I hope you’re watching over us as much as I think of you.

Do they celebrate birthdays in Heaven?

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Shells with Ricotta & Roquefort

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Stupor-induced cooking is not necessarily a bad thing…

After deciding NOT to go back out on Friday night after I had just got home from an after-work drinking fest, I looked around my kitchen hoping for some notion of dinner that was not too complicated but tasted good.

I didn’t want Chinese again – I ate it earlier that week and in the tradition of ordering way too much Chinese food, I was totally sick of it.

I found a quarter of a box of small shell pasta and some leftover ricotta not yet affected by the blue mold growing on the top of the container.  I boiled the pasta and threw it together with a host of “on hand” items lingering in my pantry just waiting to be used.

I came up with a most delicious and quick macaroni that I hoovered down with the same enthusiasm of a five-star dinner.  I’ll try my best with the measurements.

Jacqui’s Shells with Ricotta & Roquefort

1/2 box small pasta shells
1/4 to 1/2 large container of part-skim ricotta
a good size chunk of Roquefort, broken up
grated Pecorino Romano
Truffle Oil
gray salt & pepper

Boil macaroni until al dente.

Meanwhile, in a bowl mix ricotta, Roquefort, Pecorino, salt & pepper together.  Top with drained, hot pasta, add Truffle Oil and mix well until a creamy mixture is achieved.  Adjust seasonings.

Serves 2-4.

I hope you enjoy it.  Let me know what you think.

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Bed Blogging

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Last night I just couldn’t get myself to fall asleep.  Why?

Not because of my job.  Not because of my bills.  Not because of my fat ass – but because I was bed blogging.

I wanted to say sleep blogging – but technically I wasn’t asleep.  I was lying in bed writing my blog in my head.  Thinking of a ton of ideas, and stories, and witty repartee.

Of course, tonight I have forgotten every single thing that I wanted to write about – but that’s par for the course.  After the day I had at work my brain is a pile of mushy Jello with no vodka.

I always need vodka.

En tout cas, I write my best pieces when I’m emotional and I think of my best stories when I’m bed blogging.  I lie in bed staring at the stripper pole that my husband so sweetly bolted into the ceiling (after I had a pole accident – of course) and my mind races 240 with “information”.

Does anyone else blog in their sleep?  Do you compose letters, write books or try-out meaningful conversation?  What else do you do?

Please tell me I’m not the only one.

All I can say is I should have bought stock in Benadryl because that seems to be the only way I can get to sleep lately.  Sweet dreams.  Or should I say sweet blogs?

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