Do They Celebrate Birthdays in Heaven?

Today my mom would have turned 75 years old.

But alas my mother is in Heaven doing heavenly things and all I can do is miss her terribly.

I’ve been completely alone since she left.  Yeah, I know I have a husband and a father who I love dearly – but I am alone.

I’ve been wishing her Happy Birthday all day.  I’ve been  trying to keep busy because as soon as I’m alone with myself, I cry and cry and cry.

So Happy Birthday Mommy!  I hope you’re watching over us as much as I think of you.

Do they celebrate birthdays in Heaven?

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8 responses to “Do They Celebrate Birthdays in Heaven?

  1. Hang in there Jacq. I’m sure she’s having a Huge pc of cake. ❤

  2. I’m sure they do, and think about the fact that she is in a good place, happy and safe and that u will see her again one day 🙂

  3. for sure they celebrate birthdays in heaven, i for sure she is very proud of you right now :)!!

    lot’s of love

  4. Hugs to you. I can only imagine how sad that would be from watching my own mother go through the loss of her mother. My heart breaks for you and I will say a prayer of peace for your heart and soul today and all those speical days that we long for our mothers. Blessings …..Shonnie

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