A New School Year = A New Hairstyle

A new school year is around the corner, and since I haven’t managed to take off any of the weight that I gained – 30 pounds, a new hairstyle seems in order.

I’ve been teaching for almost 15 years and my hair has gone from brown to blonde, short to long and big & poofy to flat.

Since “retro” hairstyles are the buzz I decided to rock a 1960’s modern Bardot.

The Modern Bardot

I think I can pull it off – although it may come out more like the original.

The Bardot

All this hair-talk makes me think about all the hairstyles I rocked – or didn’t rock – in the past 44 years.


1960's into 1970's


Late 1970's - 6th grade

Early 80's

Late 80's

Early 90's

Late 90's

And then we’re into the 2000’s – crazy.

The Perm

Blonde & Flipped

A little darker



The Present - Flat

My least favorite was the perm.  I liked all the other styles.  They were decade appropriate.  I had so many more doo’s over the years – but this post would be too long.  Stay tuned for part two!

What’s your fave?

What are some of your best and worst hairstyles?

© 2011 J. H-M and CultureChoc2010.

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