The Eighties Dude: Villain or Just Misunderstood

Cover of "Valley Girl"

Cover of Valley Girl

After watching Valley Girl twice in the past week (oh – btw I have it on DVD too) I started thinking about the 80’s movie guy who we loved to hate.  Remember him?  The hot guy who thinks he’s all that and treats everyone around him like garbage.  You just want to jump through the scream and knock them out!

I’ve known a few of them in my lifetime and I’m sure you have too.

Let’s examine THAT 80’s GUY:

  • Valley Girl: Tommy.  Julie’s conceited, no-good boyfriend who stomps on everyone like a spoiled child when Julie breaks up with him and wants to move on to greener pastures.  He also sleeps with her “loose” friend and makes her feel even worse.  VILLAIN.
  • Some Kind of WonderfulHardy Jenns.  Hardy is a stuck-up, rich, poor example of a man.  He takes the girl from the other side of the tracks, makes her “famous”, then makes her feel like sh** under his shoe by turning everyone against her.  Nice guy that Hardy.  VILLAIN.
  • Pretty In PinkSteff.  Steff is another rich boy who comes between his friend and an outcast from the poor side of town.  He treats people like dirt but the truth comes out in the end.  VILLAIN.
  • Weird ScienceWhere do I start?  Chet – Wyatt’s brother.  Gross, disgusting and just a greedy human being.  Ian & Max.  The good-looking, cool boys who have the girls, leave the girls and lose the girls.  Part Villain, part MISUNDERSTOOD.
  • Back To SchoolChas.  Can you say A-hole?  The swim team star who gets off by being deceptive and condescending to poor Jason.  VILLAIN.
  • The Breakfast Club: John Bender.  Bad boy turned around – but not before causing some emotional drama.  MISUNDERSTOOD.
  • Just One of the GuysGreg Tolan.  I hated this guy.  A muscle-head sadist who picked on the weak.  VILLAIN.
  • Girls Just Wanna Have Fun: Here’s a twist.  A villainess.  Natalie Sands.  Rich bitch Natalie gets served up a big dose of her own medicine.  I love her coming-out party.  VILLAINESS.

Did I forget any?  I’m sure I did.  Who is your favorite 80’s movie villain or villainess?

© 2010 J. H-M and CultureChoc2010.  Republished 2011.


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