Fridge Growth: What is that smell?

Being a Food Network addict, I am always amazed at the sheer neatness and organization of the celebrity chefs’ kitchens.

In their unconscious state, those with NSRED a...

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Whose ice boxes are that pristine?  Not mine.

Even though there are only two of us, I tend to cook for an army – which means a lot of leftovers.  Leftovers that we forget about for a very long time.  Sometimes we don’t even realize until that telltale smell permeates our living space.

I’ve grown blue and green penicillin, some nasty cobweb-looking mold, left mussels in the garage fridge for months (amazing smell) and have even found unwrapped fragments of old cheese lodged in the back of my fridge.

I cannot be the sole offender – my husband helps.

Hopefully there is someone out there like me.  Please!

I’d love to hear your refrigerator horror stories… do tell!  What have you found in your fridge?

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3 responses to “Fridge Growth: What is that smell?

  1. Somehow, I can’t think of any horror stories relating to inside the fridge, but I have a couple of awful ones relating to the top of it. Several summers ago, my boyfriend was living in a college dorm and taking classes. Toward the end of the summer, he and his roomies had an awful fruit fly problem. Turns out a tomato destined for the mini fridge never made it inside. It had been hiding under a cloth on top of the fridge for a good several weeks and was quite disgusting.

    Another time, one of my roomies was cleaning out his refrigerator shelf in and had a couple of packages of spinach dip that he put on the top of the fridge until he finished. Well, he never put them back. A couple days later, I opened the freezer door and they fell on me. Pretty gross.

  2. Similar to your stories, but while I was in college, my roommate used to store his loaves of bread on top of the fridge as he was quite tall. But he was also very forgetful. It turns out that the heat from the back of the fridge rises up to the top and likes to hang out, encouraging microbial growth. We had loaves of green stuff until we banned him from storing bread on top of the fridge. 🙂

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