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Thinking About A Simpler Time

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I’m still not rich…. but I’m trying!

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I was born to be rich.  I know how to spend money.  I know how to eat, to act, to dress, to speak and to culture myself – whatever that means.  Let’s just say I have Champagne taste – and not the cheap stuff.

When my Aunt Tootsie lived upstairs from my Nanoo, I would always go visit her because she too appreciated the finer things in life.  We would watch Lifestyles Of The Rich And Famous and eat Boursin cheese on fancy crackers.  That’s where I got my first taste “something different”.

When I lived in France I went to a soiree chez Monsieur Proulx where I reluctantly tried caviar for the first time.  The burst of fish eggs in my mouth was torture but I swallowed it politely and refused to eat caviar again.  I eventually developed a very discerning palate but sadly never for caviar.

I love…

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