Discrimination: Plain and simple at Whole Foods Market

I love shopping at Whole Foods.

Wait. I LOVED shopping at Whole Foods.

Past tense. Why? I don’t know who is worse, our buck toothed, smarmy liberal governor Smurfy or the businesses and population who comply with his bullshit.

He has so much damn money you think he would get his teeth fixed, the ugly bastard. But I digress.

So I have a medical condition which prevents me from wearing a mask. I have a doctors note and I’ve been wearing a face shield to do all my shopping and what not, without a problem. In fact I was in Whole Foods in Middletown, NJ right before St. Patrick’s Day to buy my corned beef and Guinness. No issues.

So a week later I went to pick up lunch at Whole Foods in Middletown NJ and walked in with my face shield and I was stopped by a security guard sitting in the vestibule. A security guard. Does anybody see what’s going on here? The insanity. The lemmings. The sheep. The compliers. The rats.

“ Ma’am you can’t come in here without a mask.”

Communism at its finest.

“ I’m in here all the time. I always wear my shield. I have a medical condition that prevents me from wearing a mask.”

So he lets me in. I take a few steps in, go around the corner and start looking for a birthday card for my husband before I head over to the deli for a sandwich.

All of a sudden this Chinese broad comes running over to me like I just stabbed her mother and proceeds to tell me that I cannot enter the store without a mask. So I proceed to tell her that I have a medical condition that prevents me from wearing a mask. I was just in here last week and I had no problems or issues. If you’d like to see the doctors note I could show you that.

Well she informed me that it was private property and they changed the standards and there is nothing that I could do but put a mask on. Isn’t that discrimination? Total discrimination for people that cannot wear a mask. Even jerk off‘s executive order, by the way which is not a law, says that people who have medical conditions preventing them from wearing a mask are exempt.

Did I read that wrong?

Maybe her former career was in a nail salon where she inhaled too many fumes and cannot distinguish. (I know – low, uncalled for and stereotypical – but screw it, I’m pissed.)

What was my response?

I said, “Really? That’s discrimination. I will NEVER shop in this store again! Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you and go fuck yourself.”

Not my finest hour but she deserved every bit of my wrath.

So, no lunch for me. I got in the car and felt like I was having a heart attack. I was having a panic attack. I had two that day. But that’s for another blog.

So I called up my local Whole Foods in Wall and presented them with the question, “Will I be thrown out if I come in with a shield?”

“Well, some of the rules have changed. I’m sorry that you felt like you were thrown out but they won’t allow us to have anyone in the store without a mask anymore.”

So I told her it was discrimination and she proceeded to tell me that she would be happy to do all my shopping for me at any time I needed her. Which was really quite nice, but it doesn’t solve my problem.

This country, this state is turning into a communist regime where people discriminate against you, rat on you and follow the rules blindly, giving the government absolute power.

Wake up!

Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!

The longer you comply, the longer it will last.

I don’t know about you but I do not want to lose my rights as an American citizen and that seems to be the way this country is going. I am a red person in a blue state and I cannot wait to flee.

My grandparents fled Lithuania under the rule of communist Russia because communism was so terrible. The stories my grandmother told me were heart breaking. They are both rolling over in their graves. I’m disgusted by the way this country in 2021 is now heading.

Open borders for all illegal immigration, but I can’t get on a plane without a mask and a COVID test. F you! Now they want us to carry vaccine passports? Hahahahahahahahahaha… commies. Shove the mask, the poison vaccine and your passport up Murphy’s, Biden’s and any other tool’s ass who keeps this suppression alive.

Shame on you Whole Foods! Shame on you liberals (or anyone frankly) who support this! Shame, shame, shame. Last time I checked I lived in the United States of American which truly has become the Divided States of America lately.

It should be about choice. Not tyrannical rule. We need two countries. Red and blue. I’ll be in the RED with other like-minded conservatives and libertarians. Liberals will have to have a passport to enter and a visa so we can limit their stay. They won’t like that, but it’s exactly what’s happening to us. But again, I digress.

So back to hopeless foods… I called then e-mailed (no one answered) the regional manager for NJ and basically got NOWHERE!

Total commie crap. They totally ignored the exemption that DB Phyllis Murphy set forth in his executive order. If stores don’t even listen to their customers, why should we shop there? I’d love to lawyer up and sue all these f’ers and I’m not even a litigious person. Who’s in?

I’ve had it with these restrictions! Fifteen days to flatten the curve is up to 400 days! Wake up NJ! I implore you.

How about if we as free citizens of the USA or DSA go to a store with no mask or a face shield, and if we are turned away, just say thank you, I’ll leave. Then leave. Buy nothing. They seriously don’t need your money. If we all did this it would hit them in their pocketbooks and maybe they would stop complying.

I’m tired of hearing “Oh businesses are between a rock and a hard place.” No. They are not. Can the commie regime seriously close down every single business that ignores him, if all the businesses did it at once?

Stand up for your rights as an American citizen. Although with the brain-dead socialists in the office, I fear this country is collapsing and I worry for my grandchildren. Have you had any issues?

We need a revolution.

Good luck!

©️ 2021 J. H-M and CultureChoc2010

  1. There are so many cleanses out there- what type was this one? Colon, liver, kindney?

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