Getting It From Behind

Little did I know that when I put my top down, cranked up the IPOD, rolled down the windows and started on my way home that I would be taking it in the rear. I was driving home on the Garden State Parkway listening to Rump Shaker and enjoying the 90 degree heat when traffic slowed down and I realized that there was probably an accident up ahead.

BENNY Bombardement: Weekend Invasion At The Jersey Shore

Being a former BENNY myself, I travelled in the wee hours of the night to avoid traffic at all costs. I was down the shore every weekend. I would even sleep in the back of my Camaro if I didn't have a place to stay. Now that I am a resident of the Jersey Shore I find BENNYs to be a gridlock creating breed of tourists who are good for the economy but bad for my peace and quiet.

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