Twenties vs. Forties vs. Fifties

Things change and priorities shift as you get older. When you have kids they change even more. As a responsible adult, sometimes fun gets put on the back-burner and a once clear-head becomes non-existent. I miss that clear-head.Now I'm in my fifties (ugh) and I can't wait to see if this decade has changed me yet again.

Losing The Ones You Love – A Repeat Performance

With Christmas around the corner I always get really melancholy. I sit and think and cry. Then cry some more.
As a sort of mental healing, I write about my mother. I write about her often.
I know a lot of people turn dead loved ones into saints - but with all her faults - I think my mom was pretty damn close. So I decided to re-post my blog, first written in January 2010. Here goes:

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