Twenties vs. Forties vs. Fifties

Things change and priorities shift as you get older. When you have kids they change even more. As a responsible adult, sometimes fun gets put on the back-burner and a once clear-head becomes non-existent. I miss that clear-head.Now I'm in my fifties (ugh) and I can't wait to see if this decade has changed me yet again.

Paris: A Lovely Way Of Living

In my case, all true. I feel like Paris is my hometown. I now live in the suburbs and I hate it with a passion. Inundated with soccer moms, over-priveledged children (no offense) and old people (I live at the Jersey Shore), the burbs are not my thing. I thought I could adapt, but alas 11 years later, I'm still in Hell.

French Doors

There is so much beauty in the The City of Lights, its hard to focus in on just one thing. The architecture is amazing. No matter where you go, there is always something interesting to see. I have a love for French doors. They are so ornate and captivating that you can't stop looking for more doors.

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