Dinner At The Bar

I love to go out to eat.  If I want to go out I refuse to wait for a dinner companion, I’ll just go alone.

I have no issues about dining alone.  I’m not intimidated, embarrassed or uncomfortable about it in the least.  When I lived in Paris and was sick of university cafeterias, I went to my favorite couscous resto toute seule.

Toute seule?  I’m never alone.  There is always someone to talk to no matter who it is – staff, patrons, passersby.  That’s how I always end up eating at the bar.  Pop into an upscale restaurant anytime, grab a seat at the bar and enjoy.  You meet so many people that way and may find out some secrets otherwise not revealed.


6 responses to “Dinner At The Bar

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  2. thanks for leaving a comment on my blog! all three sandwich places are delicious, you should definitely try it if you’re in the neighborhood, and pick according to budget 😉

    looking forward to more of your posts!

  3. I agree..I’d love to be able to eat out alone occasionally..unlike lots of people I know, I don’t feel the need to always be accompanied. Unfortunately I think there’s lots of incorrect assumptions made about a woman if she goes out alone (here in the UK anyway) so I’ve never been brave enough to eat at a restaurant alone. Maybe I should just ignore the stares and be a trailblazer!! 🙂

  4. Agreed. Bar dining can often lead to an unexpected friendship.

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