Les Piétons 75004 Paris

Les Piétons
8, rue des Lombards
75004 Paris

Téléphone: 01 48 87 82 87

This religious kitsch tapas bar serves up good food and fun.  Whether it’s an ornate cross hanging on the wall or a glass of Sangria in your hand, this place is cool.

During my last month-long visit to Paris I stayed in Le Marais, the 4th arrondissement.  I was always a left-banker but La Rive Droite was working well for me this time.  The sights, shopping, local merchants, people and food are all fabulous.  A largely Gay and Jewish quarter, the Marais is a must-visit.

When you walk into Les Piétons, there is a long bar on the right, you are immediately surrounded by gaudy religious objets d’art and you will be quickly greeted by a friendly server.

Try the Formule Midi.  You can choose 3 tapas and a dessert, or an entrée and the plat du jour (usually Paella) or a plat and a dessert – all for 13,50 euros – and don’t forget the Sangria!

Les Plats de La Semaine change daily and for 11,00 euros , you’re getting good food at a good price.

So when you’re in Paris visit Les Piétons, take in the sights, the people and the food.  Enjoy because isn’t that what life is all about?  Or should be all about.  Americans need to take lessons from the Europeans.

Relax.  Sit down and take a load off.  Sip Champagne, drink a Blanche or knock back some café and enjoy the moment.  Santé!

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