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Squeak, Tweet, Meow, Hiss

My house and my yard are NEVER without a cute (and sometimes not so cute) animal invading my space.  Ducks in the pool, squirrels on the patio, chipmunks in the bird feeder or cats sleeping between my legs. All of them – Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall.

I enjoy my suburban fauna and my 3 kitty cats who always want to eat the fauna outside.  It’s a daunting task just trying to prevent their escapes.

I’ve shown you my FLORA – now I’ll show you my FAUNA.  I hope  you like my pictures.

Chipmunk in the bird feeder

Teasing my cat

Peek-A-Boo Bailey


Peaches eating decor

Praying Mantis on my front door

Bailey in the fringe

Even the ladder Bailey!

Squirrels on the hot tub

Squirrels in the snow


Ducks in my pool

Tia Maria

Dragonfly on my car

Hungry Ducks

Squirrel Peeing on my sliders


What creatures do you have creeping in and out of your home?

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Contesse “Thursday” Jeudi de la Mer

December 2010

Tonight I had to give away my cat for the second time in 2 weeks.


No one should have to go through that.  The emotional turmoil is heart-breaking.  It’s not like she’s sick, or dying or mean – it just didn’t work out after 6 months.  If it were just she and I (with no other cats) – we would have been a perfect match.  She loved me and I love her.

Loss is another story.  I had to put my dog to sleep when she was too sick to live a comfortable and good life.  I stayed with her until she fell over into my arms  – just so she didn’t have to die alone.  Talk about emotional.

I watched my mother die in her hospital bed right after I told her that it was ok for her to go – she squeezed my hand and looked into my eyes, then closed hers.  I can’t describe how it feels to lose a parent.  Enough said about that – my emotions are soaring.

Anyway… back to my story….

I adopted Thursday in July from Petsmart in Brick through S.A.V.E. – a great rescue organization.  I wanted to adopt an older cat who would ideally co-mingle with my other 2 cats, Peaches and Bailey.

After 6 months it got worse.  Fighting, spraying, drawing blood, scratching.  Horrible.  I gave her to a single friend of mine and she was pissed.  She pooped and peed all over his house, hid for days and hissed and growled at him.  Two weeks later her brought her back to me.

As soon as she saw me she cuddled and purred and then I brought her back to S.A.V.E.  I stayed with her for what seemed liked hours hysterically crying and sobbing uncontrollably.

Fast forward 3 months and I said good-bye for the third time.  S.A.V.E. found her a home and they are picking her up tomorrow.  Fingers crossed.  I’m so happy for her.  She deserves a good home.

Tonight I stopped by Petsmart on the way home to say good-bye.  She looked at me through the glass and when she realized that it was me, she moved over to the holes and sniffed me and rubbed against the glass.  My waterworks started.

A nice gentleman was there and I told him who I was and he let me in to say bye.  She knew who I was immediately.  She was purring and nuzzling and cuddling me.  I was sobbing and telling her that Mommy loves her and not to be mad.

This went on for a while – it was heartbreaking.  Finally I closed the cage and she knew too, that it was for the last time.

Thursie, I’ll miss you.  I hope you have a happy life because it would make me happy too.

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Hiss, Meow, Hoot, Growl: Statement Jewelry That Speaks To You

Statement jewelry has abounded this season.  You can’t shop without finding a great, big piece of fabulous jewelry to add to your collection.

One of the trends that I’ve been fascinated with this year is animal jewelry.  From snakes, to cats, to zebras, the list goes on.

After digging through my jewelry armoire I also found some great vintage pieces that I inherited from my mom.

Here are some that I have in my collection:

5 at once


Betsey Johnson Tiger Ring

Noir Snake Ring

Beyond Rings Tiger

Beyond Rings Double Zebra

Baby Phat Cuff

Rhinestone Snake Cuff


Vintage Silver Starfish

Vintage Gold Snake

70's Butterfly Ring

Vintage Silver Owl Necklace

A Butterfly & A Dragonfly

What “statements” have you made this season?  Have you roared with your jewelry lately?


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Kitty Talk: STILL An Embarassing Admission

I don’t know about you, but I can’t help but baby-talk to my 4 – no – now 3 kitty cats.  My husband makes fun of my catlingo but my babies know exactly what I say – at least I think they do.  With names like Bailey Boots Little Pussy & Peaches N. Crème de Menthe, Contesse Thursday Jeudi de la Mer (adopt Thursday at http://www.save.rescuegroups.org) and Tia Maria Tigresse, it’s hard not to have fun.

Besides Peaches, Tia and Bailey I call them tons of names.  I don’t know how they know who I’m talking to, but they do:

  • Bailey, Boots, Bear, Buddy, Mommy, Bootseree, Baldor, G Boy, Mommy’s Boy, Kitty Cat Bat, Tee La, Mommy Ska La, Foo Fighter, Pretty Boy, Boo, Smee, Snuggy, Ma Moo, Boo Bear Boy, Teess, Swee, Cheese, Chicken, Chicken-Boo, Mummy, Boodis, Butter Bean….
  • Peaches, Bear, Mommy’s Girl, Mommy, Bunny Girl, Cotton Tail, G, Buddy, La, Peachka, Snuggy, Bunny, Buddy Girl, Cheese, Chicken, Chicken-Boo,  Mummy, Butter….
  • Tia, Ti Ti, Chickie, Lala, Pretty Girl, Mommy’s Girl, Mommy….

They also have their own theme songs (yes, I’m nuts).  If I sing Bailey’s song, he comes and Peaches does the same.  Do you want to hear them?  Again, I know I’m nuts but I love my babies.

  • Bailey Bear with black hair, he’s my Bailey, Bailey Bear.
  • Peaches N. Cream, Peaches N. Cream, little itty bitty, bitty Peaches N. Cream.
  • Tia hasn’t been here long enough yet.

My Catlingo continues to not only names and songs but to everyday cat chat.

Food is foodis.  Do you want me to open the door for you is you want Mommy opee up?  Do you want to go to bed becomes you wanna go seepy in the bed?  The only thing that seems to stay the same is do you want to eat? The backyard wildlife all have names too.

  • squirrels = squirrlees
  • chipmunks = ship monkeys
  • birds = birdies
  • rabbits = bunny wabbits
  • bugs = buggies
  • mice = mousies
  • ants = anties
  • cats = kitty cat friends

That about covers the yard and surrounding areas.  I know I sound like a total nut but I remember my parents always talking baby talk to our dogs when I was growing up.  Even with my pets, my mom, when she was alive and my dad always talked baby-talk to their grand-cats.  It’s a given.

Do you?  I think almost everybody does it, but many don’t admit it.  I can’t believe I am!

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A Raving Lunatic’s Friday Rants


Image by colemama via Flickr

Where do I start?  Thursday was the worst day!

For some reason all my classes had selective hearing.  I gave them instructions and 5 seconds later someone asked, “What are we doing?”  Two more seconds later, “Do we have to write the full sentence?”  Over and over again.  I must have explained 4 times and I still got:

  • What page are we on?
  • What are we doing?
  • Is this in the workbook or textbook?
  • What exercises?
  • I’m sorry.  I was in the bathroom.  What are we doing?

And over and over and over again.  Sorry – I already said that but I was ready to take the gas pipe!

If that wasn’t bad enough my day further reared its ugly head at my current state of finances – but that’s entirely a different story.

So I get home and I have to deal with all the money sh**.  Then… a giant cat fight!  Hiss!  Meow!  Growl!  Spit!

I can’t take it anymore!

To top it off my boy cat attacked me, sprayed all under the bed, sprayed the girl cat, fur everywhere!  WTF!

I’m officially losing it.

Bitch.  Moan.  Bitch .  Moan.  It’s my turn now.  I need a break from my life.  Work.  Cats.  Husband.  Worries.  Everything!

How do people have kids?  And more than one kid?  No freakin’ way.  I’m completely overwhelmed with cats – pussies – felines –meows – whatever you want to call them – I’m exhausted.

So I lowered the heat to 60, opened all my windows in 20 degree weather and the smell still lingers.  Shortly after, Bailey comes trolling around upstairs and I have to lock Thursie in the bedroom with the stinky litter box – that by the way, Bailey already pooped in it to show his dominance – with door closed and I’m afraid to venture up because I know it with be an assault on my nose.

Where the Hell am I going to sleep?

So now I’m downstairs watching A Charlie Brown Christmas – which is not helping – drinking a glass of Sauvignon Blanc.  I just ate dinner – it’s 8:30 pm and I’m looking around at my complete disarray – mentally and physically.

I think I’ll covet someone else’s life tonight – sorry God.

I can only pray for a better tomorrow.

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Stray Kitty To Adopt: Jersey Shore

First my husband brought home Bailey – a stray living under a pallet in Elizabeth, NJ.  Then he rescued a beautiful Tabby from the streets and through friends of ours, we found him a good home.  Along comes Peaches – adopted from Petsmart at five.  So then there were two.

Enter July 2010 and I bring home Thursday – rescued from S.A.V.E.  Major turmoil in the house.  Now we have three.

November 1, 2010 – the phone rings.

“Jacq.  I have a dilemma.  I found a cat and I’m bringing him home.  Call the animal shelter and see if they have an emergency number.”

Needless to say….  I don’t even know what to say, but I’d like to find the cat a good home.  Contact me if you’re interested and in the Jersey Shore area.

Update:  It’s a healthy girl!  Six months old and just paid for all her shots.  Feline Leukemia NEGATIVE.

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Pussycat, Pussycat, Pussycat I Love You, Yes I Do

I am a cat convert.  I’ve had cats for 9 years now and I would never think about having any other buddy by my side.

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Bailey The Cat, The Wonderful, Wonderful Cat

I grew up having dogs all my life.  I was a total dog-person and never thought that cats were pets.  I always found them so aloof and anti-social that I never wanted a feline as a companion.

Despite the fact that I am highly allergic to cats, my husband brought home a stray cat that he found in Elizabeth.  This black and white fur ball was living under a pallet where he worked and the guys there would feed him and play with him every day.

In November John decided to bring the histamine home even though I told him not to.  He called me and told me to pick up food and a litter box because he was bringing the cat home PERIOD.

When John arrived with the little cutie, he was small, furry and absolutely adorable.  I fell in love with him within minutes and 8 years later he’s my boy – which was actually a surprise when we took him to the doctor’s.  His name was originally Tia Maria.  Oooops!

Bailey is a one-of-a-kind pet.  He’s smart, beautiful, mischievous and spiteful like a spoiled rotten child.  I think he’s part human.

My kitty is notoriously spoiled.  I know it’s my fault but he’s my baby.  Shouldn’t pets be spoiled?  It’s that unconditional love thing that they offer.  When he wants something, he lets you know it and if he doesn’t get it, watch out.

Bailey is unique.  He doesn’t like to be alone, hates when we go on vacation, wants HIS way ASAP and gets really mad when I come home late from work.

Example # 1
When Mommy goes upstairs, Bailey follows.  When Mommy is on the couch, Bailey’s on my lap.  Wherever I go, he goes.

Example # 2
When I went to France for a month my dad was the grandcat-sitter.  He treated my 2 babies like a king and a queen and spoiled them even further (if that’s possible).  Bailey ignored me when I came home then promptly peed in my suitcase.

When we vacationed in Myrtle Beach he was so angry that in the middle of the night, he emptied my purse of all its contents and used it as his personal port-a-potty.

Example # 3
On Saturday morning Bailey was hungry at 8 am.  He jumped in the bed, walked on us, bit us HARD, meowed and just sat there staring.  I got up to go to the bathroom and promptly told him that he shouldn’t be strong-arming me and I was going back to bed.  I suggested he do the same.  I went back to bed and a few minutes later I heard a noise.  When I got up I discovered yellow liquid pooled in the bottom of the sink and my tube of collagen swimming  atop.  Bailey!

Example # 4
On Friday I came home really late from work.  Eight hours later than scheduled in fact.  When I got home he was waiting by the door, crying and anxious to eat.  I fed him and Peaches (my girl cat that we adopted later) and went upstairs to change my clothes.  A stop in the bathroom revealed that Bailey had no peed in my sink, but POOPED.  Yes, poop.  WTH?

These are Bailey antics – just a few examples.  My cat believes that HE is the KING of the house and frankly, is treated like one.  He bullies my girl cat incessantly and even though she’s older, he knows that he was here first.  He is the BOSS.  I feel so sorry for Peaches sometimes.

Bailey is a character.  Most people who don’t like cats, like Bailey.  Me?  I’m a convert.  My cat runs to the door when the bells rings, lets me know if there’s a commotion outside and never lets a bug or a mouse leave the house unscathed.  He’s such an amazing hunter.  He catches flies by jumping in the air and snatching them in his paws and if he smells an intruder, he will stay up all night guarding the house – after a nightly perimeter search of course.

He’s an acrobat, an expert hunter, a mountain climber, a tightrope walker and high wire act, a guard cat, a cuddler, a comforter and a tough, little fur ball who brightens my day.  When I’m upset and crying, no matter where he is in the house, he comes over, jumps on my lap and kisses me.  He’s more in tune to me than most people.

That’s what I call love.  That’s who I call LOVE… Bailey the cat.

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