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The 1980s: Fashion Fierce or Fashion Fail?

With the recent passing of one of the greatest disco icons of my life…

Donna Summer,
I grew up with you and loved you.
Rest in peace.

… I began thinking about the countless fashions I’ve adored and endured in my life.

Since the 80’s were so fun and carefree, I decided to focus on that fabulous decade.  Fabulous for fashion?  Maybe not – but watch any raunchy 80’s movie and discover a whole world of fashion do’s and don’ts that I’d love to revisit.

My favorite 80’s trends:

  • BIG Hair!  I think we all know why I love the trend…  I still have big hair!  Stiff Stuff & Aquanet abounded.  Now I use Helmet Head.
  • Whorewear.  You could dress like a slut and no one thought that you were a stripper!
  • Parachute Pants.  I loved my red parachute pants!  I haven’t seen any since though.
  • My “O Ring” Bracelets.  Madonna rocked these and so did I!
  • Flash Dance Shirts.  I loved the whole off-the-shoulder sexiness.
  • Zipper Jeans.  Not jeans with zippers!  Jeans with ONE zipper that zipped around the crotch and allowed the pants to split in two.  We had no “stretch denim” back in the day.  Skin tight and dangerous!  AKA:  Easy access pants – LOL!
  • Chinese Shoes.  They only came in black.  It’s probably the last time I enjoyed wearing a flat shoe!
  • High Top Wrestling Shoes.  So comfortable!
  • Work Pants.  Bought at the Army/Navy Store in Bloomfield Center with pockets.  A day later the pockets were sewn shut so they didn’t make you look fat.  Loved them!

1980’s Trends I’m Torn About:

  • Jellies.  So cute but so brutal on the feet!  The blisters were BAD!
  • Neon.  Whether a shirt, pants or chunky 80’s jewelry – I’m split about this one.  Neon seems to be back at your local Joyce Leslie or Mandees.
  • Perms.  Everyone had them.  I have a love/hate relationship with them.  My dad has a picture of me in the living room with a perm.  I was never a fan – but I did re-try the perm in 2007.  Let’s just say I currently have no perm.
  • Leg Warmers or Socks and High Heels.  Let the picture speak for itself.
  • Head Bands.  Different than today’s head bands.

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  • Stretchy Pants.  Leggings to the modern generation.  I lived in these.
  • The Glove.  Whether you modeled Michael Jackson or Madonna, the glove was a huge trend.

Despised 80’s Fashion Trends:

  • The Nylon Purse.  Beige to boot.  I hate beige.  Check out Fast Times At Ridgemont High for a visual.  Yuk!
  • Crimped Hair.  Another way to fry your hair.  I still have a crimper – just in case!
  • High Rise Bathing Suits.  What was that all about?
  • White Keds.  Deemed “nurse shoes” by not-so-nice jerk offs from the 80’s.
  • Army Pants. Harem Pants. Pleated Pants.  So manly.  So MC Hammer and able to carry shoplifted items in your crotch.
  • Power Suits.  That whole Working Girl thing was overrated.  Wearing sneakers to work in the city SUCKED.
  • Shoulder Pads or anything worn on Dynasty.
  • Swatch Watches.  Not my style.

So…. these are a few of my 80’s fashion do’s and don’ts.

I lived it.  I loved it.  I wore it.  And sometimes I regretted it – but it was all good!

Fierce or Fail?  BOTH.  What do you think?

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You Know You’re A Shopaholic When… A Re-post

You know you’re a shopaholic when:

  1. You hide your purchases in the trunk of your car until it’s SAFE to take them inside.
  2. You throw out your bags and boxes in neighbors’ garbage cans.
  3. You actually shop in the 3 minutes you have in between classes.
  4. You are obsessed with QVC and HSN.
  5. You rationalize that you saved $700 instead of spending $200.
  6. You love to shop for clothes, shoes, purses, cooking stuff, household items, candles, soap, vases, makeup, cat paraphernalia, music, software, food, etc.  There are no limits.
  7. If caught with a new item, you say that it’s old and you brought it home from your parents’ house.
  8. You start buying meat on HSN.
  9. You have 10 tabs open… 1 Facebook and 9 online shopping sites.
  10. You buy things you don’t need with money you don’t have.  The obvious.
  11. You have moved into every closet in the house and taken over.
  12. You build a BIG shoe closet and can only fit 1 season at a time.
  13. Your jewelry armoire weighs 101 pounds empty.  God only knows when it’s full.
  14. You have to buy every new gadget and electronic available in due time.
  15. You have way too many things with tags still attached.
  16. You can dress for an entire year without wearing the same outfit more than once.
  17. You own an olive pitter, a butter curler, a crumb cleaner, an egg yolk piercer – among other things…
  18. You have over 10 different sets of dinnerware, over 16 types of vodka behind your bar, every piece of exercise equipment made and over 15 comforter sets stuffed in your attic.
  19. You possess over 300 pairs of shoes, about 150 handbags, over 100 dresses and gowns and list goes on.
  20. You always looking for a new venture to support your habit.

Pray for me please!

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Fall 2011: Ready To Wear on the Runway

Even with my prospect of no money for new clothes, every girl needs to buy a few key pieces every season.

My mom always took me school shopping for supplies and shoes and clothes.  This was my kick-off for Fall.  Even when I became a teacher, my mom took me back-to-school shopping – I really miss that now that she’s gone.

Of course I resort to shopping alone – online or in stores.  Frankly, I love the sample sales and private shopping sites like:  Gilt, Rue La La, Beyond the Rack, Ideeli, Modnique – to name a few.  I’m a member of them all!  Just comment and I’ll send you an invitation code if you’d like.

My favorite trends for Fall 2011 are:

  • Mod:  As far as I’m concerned, the sixties are always in style.
  • The rebirth of the DUSTER coat.
  • Leather.
  • Fur.
  • Black & White and red.
  • And so many more…

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Photos courtesy of IMAX & New York Magazine.

RED Hot for Fall: From the Fall 2011 Collections

RED is hot and these designers do it right for Fall.

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R – E – D   is the new way to spell HOT.

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Photos courtesy of IMAXTREE from New York Magazine online.

Shoe Shock Reaches 157

If any of you know me personally, you know that I have an obsession with shoes.  A sickness really.  I love them.

My addiction borders on fetish for anything high, sexy and hot.  I have about 400 pairs of shoes (so my husband keeps saying) which include everything from stilettos to platforms to sneakers.  Friends who embark upon my shoe closet are immediately taken back to their childhoods when they tried on mommy’s high heels.  My friends Christine said it was like shopping in the Macy’s shoe department.

I have shoes that I have never worn.  I have shoes that I’ve worn out.  I have weekend shoes and weekday shoes, though they often intersect.

So I have decided to create a shoe page in honor of my compulsion.  I will post a new pair of shoes when I can so that I might actually find out the TRUE NUMBER.  Any guesses?

153. Carlos
154. Carlos in Black
156. Coach
157. G by Guess

Check out the full post at Shoe Shock.

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Shoe Shock Reaches 139!

91, 92, 93
94. Bebe
95, 96, 97, 98.
99, 100, 101.
102, 103, 104.
105, 106, 107, 108, 109.
110, 111, 112, 113.
114, 115, 116.
118, 119, 120, 121.
122, 123, 124.
126. Pour La Victoire Patent Stilettos
127. Pour La Victoire Lace
128. Jessica Simpson Sequins
129. Nine West Boots
132. Chinese Laundry
134, 135, 136, 137.
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Pour La Victoire

This month has been a stress fest!  The holidays are quickly approaching.  I’m having “cat” issues and need retail therapy.

The problem is that I already shop too much!

Last week amidst my unyielding pressure-filled existence, I decided to drop by MJM Designer Shoes.  I love that store!  It’s the next best thing to sample sale shopping.

In any shoe department it is very difficult for me to find a pair of shoes that
A.  I don’t already have.
B.  is not similar to something I already own.

I was lucky and rationalized that the price was worth it because they are made so well, comfortable and black to boot.  Black shoes are a staple.


Pour La Victoire Lace Stilettos

Pour La Victoire Patent Stilettos


Pour La Victoire has allowed me to feel happy, powerful, tall and oh so satisfied.

Try out a pair and tell me what you think…  I think it’s a Victoire for everyone!

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No Wonder I Have NO Money!

If you have read my blog before, you know I’m a raving shopaholic.  Not shopping all summer long has recently sent my shopaholism into an online feeding frenzy only hindered by the fact that I have no money.

Looking good is important to me.  Comfort is an option as it should be.  Your body acclimates to style if you persist long enough.

I’ve persisted.  Here are some of my recent purchases… I love them!


Betsy Johnson

Cara Couture

BCBG (encore une fois)

Isharya Nizam

Report Signature

Robert Rodriguez

Report Signature

Pleasure Doing Business Rubber Skirt

“Fashion fades.  Style is eternal.” – Yves Saint Laurent

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What’s HOT For Fall…

Fashion has a tendency to repeat itself with new updates that make the trend more modern.  This year’s Fall Collections are no exception.

Scouring sample sales, fashion magazines and any online fashionista jabber I focused in on a few trends that I like for Fall 2010.  Most of these are in a normal fashionista’s price range except for my Military pick – but I couldn’t resist.

  • Boots:  Thigh-high boots seem to be making a comeback.  They appeared on the fashion scene a few years ago but the runways are loaded with them this Fall.  Must have:  Report Winston

    Miriam Salat*

  • Statement Jewelry:  This jewelry takes bling to a new level.  Classy and fun pieces will round out your wardrobe.  Must-have:  Try a piece by Miriam Salat or Alex & Ani.
  • Thigh-High Socks:  Last seen in the movie Clueless, these retro-modern “leg-warmers” are a hot pick for fall.   Must-have:  Knee socks – but read this first.
  • 70’s Inspired:  Silks, neutral accessories and an oversized pair of sunglasses rounds out seventies style.  Must-have:  a nude shoe  – my fave L.A.M.B. Gale.
  • Fur:  Not very politically correct but always HOT.  Whether it real or


    faux – go for it!  Must-have:  Pick any accessory fur or faux.

  • Chains:  Edgy metal on handbags, clothes or jewelry are in vogue maintenant.  Must-have: Elemento by Monserat De Lucca.
  • Military Inspired:  No!  It’s not your 80’s military jacket – it’s more modern and more wearable.  Must-have:  Balmain navy silk blend tweed military jacket. Totally out of my price range but if you can find a knock-off, let me know!
  • Lace:  Lace truly never goes out of style.  Must-have:  Loretta Tunic Dress*.  Great for a night out.
  • Pops of GOLD:  Whether you’re flaunting a gold sequin mini, elegant cocktail dress or brilliant baubles, gold is IN.  Must-have:  Kenneth Cole Gold Cuff Bracelet.
  • Platform Stilettos:  Who knew when platforms appeared on the scene so long ago that they would constantly be reinvented in more modern pieces again and again.  Must-have:  Kira Peep Toe Pump by Marciano.

These finds combine multiple trends:

The most important thing in fashion is to HAVE FUN.  If you love what you’re wearing you will exude confidence and strength and others will notice.  I love creating my own looks.  It’s an art.  Putting together just the right pieces – perfect harmony.

Shop smart at sample sales, Marshall’s or TJ Maxx.  It’s better to buy better, cheaper than to buy JUST cheap.  You DO get what you pay for – trust me.

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* In my closet.

Online Sample Sales: I ♡ Them!

I love shopping as many women do.  It’s addicting, thrilling and satisfying on every level – until you get the credit card statement.

Alex & Ani

Shopaholic or not (definitely the former) I try not to overindulge or spend money foolishly.  Although I can never that I haven’t committed these “wallet” crimes, I do try to shop for designer clothes and accessories at discount stores when at all possible.

Some time ago I discovered online sample sales and have been enjoying them ever since.  The pricing is great but quantities are limited.  You can go crazy, so be smart.  The keys to these sales are SPEED, NEED, HEED.

  • SPEED:  Grab it before anyone else does – but realize there is a cart time-limit.
  • NEED:  Do you need it or really, really want it?
  • HEED:  Pay attention to return policies, shipping costs and research your purchases prior to making them.

Feel free to use the links and invites below so you can start shopping SMART.

Try them out and let me know what you think.  The photos are items I’ve recently purchased at Gilt.

Happy Shopping!

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Monserat De Lucca
Miriam Salat

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