So I kill several birds with one stone. I get my teeth cleaned, visit my mom in the cemetery, visit my dad and feed him hamburgers, subs, ribs and other artery clogging fare and sometimes I even get to see a friend or two.

My Life As A Jersey Girl

For the first 4 years of my life, my mom, my dad and I lived upstairs from my paternal grandmother (aka Nanoo) and my Aunt Mary (aka Mimi). We lived in 3 rooms.  A large old-fashioned kitchen with a big white sink like you would see in the movie A Christmas Story, a large living... Continue Reading →

A Codeine-Induced Slumber Or A Lack Of Sleep?

I fed the cats and checked the outside temp. Wow! Way too hot again. Looks like I'll be staying in all day again today. I hope my AC cools off the house - yesterday it didn't do such a hot job. I made coffee though I think that's it's too hot, but I don't want a caffeine withdrawal headache. I flipped on "The View" - why do I torture myself? I hate that loud-mouthed loser Joy Behar.

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