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Words I Love To Hear

Previously I wrote a blog about words I love to say:  DB, sans, JO, pussy, horror show, dick click, new shoes, happy hour and the F word.  Today I think “words I love to hear” will be on the menu.

Words I LOVE to hear:

  • Free:  Anything that’s free with no strings attached is good.
  • On Sale:  I rarely buy sale items but when I hear those words it’s wonderful.  A total bonus.
  • You won:  I am one of the most competitive people you’ll know.  I love to win.
  • Presents:  I love getting gifts.  Presents are the tipsy cherries in my Rockstar Rootbeers.
  • Out To Dinner:  I love cooking but when my husband says, “Let’s go out to dinner”, I’m thrilled.  When he says, “Let’s go to Angelina’s”, I’m even more delighted.
  • Happy Hour:  It’s amazing how two little words can make me happy – and two little cocktails can make me happier!

Tell me what you LOVE to hear!

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    Words I Love To Say

    I’m a Jersey girl so snappy words and forceful hand gestures are innate.  I can’t drive 2 blocks without screaming at a stupid driver while gesturing to him or her with BOTH hands, all the while driving with my knee.

    Words are a way of life in New Jersey, so you best choose them wisely.  They’re naughty and nice and just plain… well… Jersey.

    Here is some of my preferred parole:

    • DB:  I hope I don’t have to spell it out for you.
    • Sans:  It means without in French.  It’s just so much more convenient.
    • Jerk Off:  This was always (and still is) a staple word chez moi.  Though my husband prefers Jack Off – I don’t like to monkey with perfection.
    • Pussy:  I love using this word for my cats and wimpy personnes.  I don’t like to contract it with wimp because I think it’s all good on its own.
    • Horror Show:  I like to use this to describe someone that’s a TOTAL disaster.
    • Dick Click:  Refers to the Good ‘Ole Boys Club.  It’s just so much more catchy.
    • New Shoes:  I just LOVE hearing those words and saying them.  I get titillated from head to toe.
    • Happy Hour:  Happy + Hour = a good time.
    • F***:  One of my all time faves!

    What are some of yours?

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    Ten Things That Make Me Happy

    I’m always bitching or moaning about one thing or another.  I seem to thrive on venting – and now that I’m blogging, I can have a daily vent fest.

    There are also the things in life that make me happy.  You don’t hear about them as often, but they do exist.  These are not in any particular order but they are my top 10.

    1. Shopping:  For shoes, clothes or housewares. Shopping is my addiction.  Wherever.  Whenever.  No reason at all.  I am a shopaholic.
    2. Speeding: Driving 100 mph and not getting caught is a rush.  I know in my real brain that it is not the safest thing – but I can’t help myself.
    3. Happy Hour or should I say HOURS.  Going out after work is one of my pleasures.  Whether I go out with friends or alone, there is always someone to chat with.  Oh – sometimes I NEED the booze too!
    4. Cuddling with my cats. My cats are my children without back-talk.
    5. A good night’s sleep. I have no happy medium.  I either have insomnia or can’t get enough sleep.  I rarely sleep more than 5 hours.
    6. A fabulous dinner. A food snob I am.  I grew up with good food and plan on continuing the tradition.
    7. A bottle of Veuve Clicquot. Champagne is my nectar – especially in the summer.  Veuve does it for me.
    8. ZERO stress. I would love a zero stress day though I don’t think I’ve had one since Daddy and Mommy took care of me.
    9. Time well spent with my husband. We battle.  We bicker, but we love the same things and we love each other.  There is no one else I’d rather spend time with.
    10. Dreaming about my mother. My mom has been gone for 5 years and it doesn’t get any easier, just easier to suppress.  When I have a dream about her I’m thrilled.  Whether it’s a cameo or a lead role, I love dreaming about my mom.  It’s such a treat and I always feel happy afterwards.

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