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The Historic Village at Allaire

After a calorie-laden breakfast at IHOP, where I consumed more calories than I do in one day (or more), my husband and I took a ride to Allaire State Park in Farmingdale, New Jersey.

We visited the Historic Village and had a much-needed walk.  Even though it was a nippy 28 degrees, we enjoyed the quiet and the quaint 19th century settlement.

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Le Mur Des Justes: The Wall of the Righteous

Inspired recently by some poignant World War II Occupation movies like Un Secret and Au Revoir Les Enfants, I decided to share some photos of memorials that can only make us remember and reflect the tragic circumstances surrounding the German Occupation in France.

This wall bears the names of the righteous among the nations who, in France, rescued Jews during the second world war, sometimes at the risk of their own lives.

Martyrs Français de la Déportation – right behind Notre Dame.

In Le Jardin du Luxembourg.

At Père Lachaise.

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The Pearl Necklace

After watching Julie and Julia for the 100th time, I started thinking about pearl necklaces.  No!  NOT that kind of pearl necklace!  I’m surrounded by pervs.

Anyway, I was thinking that I have several colliers but not one of them are the real deal.  It’s never been important to me – probably because in my 43 years I have worn traditional pearls only once or twice.

The pearl necklace is the epitome of elegance and class.  It’s a shame that when you Google it the first entry is from the Urban Dictionary and you know where that’s going.  Do you know that Wikipedia even has a photo or two on their site.  Insane.  In any case, Pearls are incredible.

  • The pearl was my mother’s birthstone.
  • Pearl (Janis Joplin) was one of my favorite singers.
  • Pearls come from oysters – and I love to eat oysters!
  • Pearls are jewelry and baubles are good.

Pearls are like people:

  • There are different types of pearls:  Akoya, Freshwater, South Sea, Tahitian.
  • They come in different colors:  white, white rosé, black, silver, gold, pink.
  • They come in various shapes:  round, off-round, oval, teardrop, semi-baroque.
  • They come in different sizes:  5 to 13.
  • Some are natural and some are cultured.
  • They come in different lengths.
  • You have to take care of your pearls so they will stay beautiful.

We find Pearls in art:

  • Girl With The Pearl Earring
  • Woman With A Pearl Necklace
  • Portrait of Marie Antoinette

We also find pearls in scripture.  They have a history.  So next time you see the QUEEN of jewels around someone’s neck, admire them and treasure them and remember where they come from.

Pearls are like people and so much more.