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Send Me Your Money So I Don’t Have to Start Hooking!

The economy is so bad right now that we are all feeling it.  It doesn’t matter if you make $200,000 a year or $20,000 a year – everyone is affected.

The past 2 years have been a struggle.  If I ask my dad for any more money I’m going to revert back to my childhood or I’ll have to become his personal indentured servant.  Thank God for Daddy!

I have never had any bill paying issues in my life but recent circumstances have made me join the ranks of the common folk.  I live paycheck to paycheck (like everyone else) and actually have to watch what I spend.  I’m doing fine but at the same time, it’s so not in my makeup to budget.  What’s that?  A struggle is an understatement – it’s more like a battle.

So I’ve changed my lifestyle.  No more extravagant dinners out and about – frankly no more dinners at all.  No more clothes or shoe shopping unless it’s a necessity – but I highly doubt I will need another pair of shoes since I have so many already.

American Express

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It’s tough and not pleasant at all.  The stress is high and the morale is low.

I recently read an article about the economy and credit cards.  Analysts said that the economy is improving because there has been more use of credit cards recently.  Bullshit!  Did they even take into consideration that people are using their cards for food and gas because they have no cash?

That’s my scenario.  Gas and food on credit cards.  Internet and any other car tragedies are added too.  But add at your own risk!  The damn banks have lowered all your limits, increased interest rates and minimum payments.  That leaves the consumer in a hole and the hole gets deeper every day.

Christ!  I haven’t taken my cats to vets as regularly as I used to – no $$$$$!

We’re all in the same sinking boat!  And as it gets harder and harder to live (in NJ) and prosper, so we pray that we stay afloat.

How are you dealing with the bad economy?  What changes have YOU made?

I hope and pray that it turns around and soon because all we do is work and work and have nothing to show for it.  At least I have a roof over my head and I am in much better shape than some.

Please donate to my cause… ME… so I don’t have to start hooking!

I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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Projects Around The House

If only we had an unlimited amount of money to do what we wanted to our homes, we would all be in House Beautiful.

I’ve been living in my house for 10 years and it’s still not the way I want it.  I always seem to run out of money.  I love my den and my half bath.  That’s it.  The living room is nice but I hate the green I painted the walls – the purple is okay.

I guess I’m just never happy and probably will never be even when I have everything DONE – because then it will be time for another change.

My first ever painting project was my half bath on the first floor.  It’s funky and it’s me.  Enough said.

With the tape still intact

I love purple and green!

Almost finished!

A ridiculously expensive toilet

Have you ever used bold colors in your home?

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Interesting Things In My House

I often look around my house and say, “I really like my house!”  Like everyone else, I wish I had the free-flowing money situation to make my crib EXACTLY to my liking.  In the meantime, I look around and I see ME.  I come through.  I like myself and what I have.

This is a peek into WHO I AM

Red Glass Balls - Never Blue

8 Round Reflexions

Bright & Colorful

Dans Paris

Drunk Puzzles

Clear With A Kick

A Sunburst

Sleek & Elegant

Full Of Texture


Takes The Cake

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