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Fridge Growth: What is that smell?

Being a Food Network addict, I am always amazed at the sheer neatness and organization of the celebrity chefs’ kitchens.

In their unconscious state, those with NSRED a...

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Whose ice boxes are that pristine?  Not mine.

Even though there are only two of us, I tend to cook for an army – which means a lot of leftovers.  Leftovers that we forget about for a very long time.  Sometimes we don’t even realize until that telltale smell permeates our living space.

I’ve grown blue and green penicillin, some nasty cobweb-looking mold, left mussels in the garage fridge for months (amazing smell) and have even found unwrapped fragments of old cheese lodged in the back of my fridge.

I cannot be the sole offender – my husband helps.

Hopefully there is someone out there like me.  Please!

I’d love to hear your refrigerator horror stories… do tell!  What have you found in your fridge?

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More ROOTS than Alex Haley?

When my husband tells me that I have more ROOTS than Alex Haley, I know it’s time to have my hair done.  Yes, it’s true, I’m long overdue, but sitting in the salon for hours and hours is not my idea of fun.

Losing a few hours in the chair is only part of it.  It will cost me +$200 + tip to get a cut, color and highlights and then have to wait a week for my hair to recover from hair-shock before I actually start liking it.  And the color?  The color is NEVER the same.  It’s either too blonde or too red or too ashy or too “not what I wanted”.

My hairdresser is great with color so it must be me.  I never seem to be satisfied with my “do”.  Maybe that’s why I wait so long to go back.  After 3 weeks my roots grow in but I tend to wait months.  Don’t forget about the cost of shampoo, conditioner, Keratin Mist, hair shine, silk infusion, root lift and hairspray.

As women we also have to worry about our nails.  I need to get them done at least once a month (not bad) and that’s not including warm-weather pedicures.  Our eyebrows, among other things,  need to be waxed.  We have to take care of our “stache” and buy a load of face creams, serums, collagen, $24 face wash, tightening lotions and makeup.  Don’t forget about teeth-whitening products and $45 body lotions.  All so we can look good and feel good.

What do men do?  Maybe some moisturizer?  Gel for their hair?  Men are usually not even concerned with changing their skid-marked underwear for a pair of new ones.  Most could care less if they wear brown, blue, black and beige all at the same time.  Yet even though the studies say, women dress for women and not men, we still want to look good for our spouses whether we’re 200 pounds or 100.

If I go out in sweats and no makeup, my husband says, “You’re going out like that?”  Make me feel good why don’t you.  So why don’t they think the same way?  Duh!  Because they’re men.  So ladies, raise your hands if you agree.  Try not to fault them no matter how much they piss you off.   Just love them for who they are…  farting, burping, loving husbands.

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You Know You’re A Shopaholic When… A Re-post

You know you’re a shopaholic when:

  1. You hide your purchases in the trunk of your car until it’s SAFE to take them inside.
  2. You throw out your bags and boxes in neighbors’ garbage cans.
  3. You actually shop in the 3 minutes you have in between classes.
  4. You are obsessed with QVC and HSN.
  5. You rationalize that you saved $700 instead of spending $200.
  6. You love to shop for clothes, shoes, purses, cooking stuff, household items, candles, soap, vases, makeup, cat paraphernalia, music, software, food, etc.  There are no limits.
  7. If caught with a new item, you say that it’s old and you brought it home from your parents’ house.
  8. You start buying meat on HSN.
  9. You have 10 tabs open… 1 Facebook and 9 online shopping sites.
  10. You buy things you don’t need with money you don’t have.  The obvious.
  11. You have moved into every closet in the house and taken over.
  12. You build a BIG shoe closet and can only fit 1 season at a time.
  13. Your jewelry armoire weighs 101 pounds empty.  God only knows when it’s full.
  14. You have to buy every new gadget and electronic available in due time.
  15. You have way too many things with tags still attached.
  16. You can dress for an entire year without wearing the same outfit more than once.
  17. You own an olive pitter, a butter curler, a crumb cleaner, an egg yolk piercer – among other things…
  18. You have over 10 different sets of dinnerware, over 16 types of vodka behind your bar, every piece of exercise equipment made and over 15 comforter sets stuffed in your attic.
  19. You possess over 300 pairs of shoes, about 150 handbags, over 100 dresses and gowns and list goes on.
  20. You always looking for a new venture to support your habit.

Pray for me please!

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Fall 2011: Ready To Wear on the Runway

Even with my prospect of no money for new clothes, every girl needs to buy a few key pieces every season.

My mom always took me school shopping for supplies and shoes and clothes.  This was my kick-off for Fall.  Even when I became a teacher, my mom took me back-to-school shopping – I really miss that now that she’s gone.

Of course I resort to shopping alone – online or in stores.  Frankly, I love the sample sales and private shopping sites like:  Gilt, Rue La La, Beyond the Rack, Ideeli, Modnique – to name a few.  I’m a member of them all!  Just comment and I’ll send you an invitation code if you’d like.

My favorite trends for Fall 2011 are:

  • Mod:  As far as I’m concerned, the sixties are always in style.
  • The rebirth of the DUSTER coat.
  • Leather.
  • Fur.
  • Black & White and red.
  • And so many more…

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RED Hot for Fall: From the Fall 2011 Collections

RED is hot and these designers do it right for Fall.

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R – E – D   is the new way to spell HOT.

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Shoe Shock Reaches 157

If any of you know me personally, you know that I have an obsession with shoes.  A sickness really.  I love them.

My addiction borders on fetish for anything high, sexy and hot.  I have about 400 pairs of shoes (so my husband keeps saying) which include everything from stilettos to platforms to sneakers.  Friends who embark upon my shoe closet are immediately taken back to their childhoods when they tried on mommy’s high heels.  My friends Christine said it was like shopping in the Macy’s shoe department.

I have shoes that I have never worn.  I have shoes that I’ve worn out.  I have weekend shoes and weekday shoes, though they often intersect.

So I have decided to create a shoe page in honor of my compulsion.  I will post a new pair of shoes when I can so that I might actually find out the TRUE NUMBER.  Any guesses?

153. Carlos
154. Carlos in Black
156. Coach
157. G by Guess

Check out the full post at Shoe Shock.

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A Heap of Handbags, A Pool of Purses, A Potpourri of Pocketbooks

Those of you who know me or read my blog regularly, know that I love to shop.  I have shoe addiction – a clothing addiction and a purse problem.

I haven’t finished Shoe Shock quite yet and in true ADD fashion I’m moving on to my handbag habit.  I never realized how many bags I actually have.  It’s pretty sickening.  They reside all over the house including the attic – which I haven’t even attempted yet.

So here is the damage so far:

There are more but that’s all for today – I’m exhausted.

Oh – just a note…  I found so many things just thrown in my handbags:  Valium, jewelry, cash, nasal spray – you name it, it was in there.

I think I’m ready to start my own Bag, Borrow or Steal.  Anyone up for it?

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The Shoe-Switchover

It’s that time of year again for my massive shoe switchover.  The task is daunting and takes days to accomplish but since I’m home for Spring Break it makes it less of a chore and more of a project.

Since my shoe collection has grown so much, I can only fit one season in there at a time – that’s about 12 shelves with approximately 13 or 14 pairs of shoes across – help me with the math…

That’s about 156 – 168 shoes in the closet at a time.  And that’s not counting the countless I do not have room for… oops!

Step One:  Yank all the winter-like shoes out of the shoe closet and throw into a giant pile on the floor.  The pile gets so high it grows past the top of the bed.  Dust shelves thoroughly.

Step Two:  Go up into the horror-show of an attic with no floor and throw down the ladder as many pairs of footwear as I can get my hands on – trying not to hit the cats below circling like piranhas and craftily trying to pass me up the ladder so that they can spend the day in junk and pink fiberglass.

Step Three:  Start the switchover.  Winter shoes in the summer shoe boxes and summer shoes on the shelves.

Step Four:  Involve the husband.  There are several Rubbermaid tubs sitting on beams just waiting to be brought down.  Sadly I am not strong enough to get them down the ladder without serious physical injury – so my poor husband has to traipse the tubs down the precarious, metal stairs without breaking his ass.

Step Five:  Continue switching the shoes and put the remainder of the pile into the tubs.

Step Six:  “John!  Can you please bring the tubs back up in the attic!”  He always loves this one.

Step Seven:  Arrange closet by color and style.

Step Eight:  Realize that there must be another box or container of shoes upstairs because I know that I am missing some.

Step Nine:  Go back up into the attic (both of us) and search for the missing shoes – that I can never find until the next season!

Step Ten:  The final sigh of relief when the closet is all done.  “Ahhhhhhh.”  And the satisfaction that I won’t have to do this until the weather changes again.

What are some of your “season-changing” behaviors?  Do you do the shoe switchover?  The clothes switchover perhaps?

Is your closet ready?

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Shopping For Pole: Re-blogged

Cross Knee Release on a portable strippers pole.

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Whether it’s FEDEX, UPS, DHL or USPS, my delivery men know me well.  My UPS guy told me that he’s never seen someone get as many packages as I do.  I don’t know if I should take this as a compliment or a “damn, I’m glad you’re not my wife!”

I love buying makeup from Sephora, toiletries from Drugstore.com (until they started charging me tax), books and DVDs from Amazon and just about anything on easy pay from HSN or QVC.  I earn frequent flyer miles for Continental Airlines and get Membership Rewards from American Express.  I flew to France for free on those miles!

I buy everything from false eyelashes to furniture on-line.  Last year I bought a $400 Cricut machine that I have yet to use – but I’ll use it eventually.  I buy clothes, bras, toys, cat stuff, shoes, food, books, magazines, coats, wine, housewares, linens, video equipment, toilets, sinks, switch plate covers, molding, exercise paraphernalia, a 1976 Fiat Spider, computers, lighting and a ton of other stuff.  Can you tell I love to shop?

I am without a doubt an utter shopaholic.  I mean I wouldn’t go to the lengths to find an zero-balance credit card that Isla Fisher went to in Confessions of A Shopaholic – I keep the unused cards in a more accessible place – but I do have a true addiction.  I get a total high when I buy something new.  I can’t help myself.

One of my favorite purchases was a pair of mid thigh-high brown suede boots.  I think I wore them once but that’s not bad for someone who has 400 pairs of shoes.  In any case, my most unusual purchase was one that I made towards the end of 2009.  My husband was home when the package arrived and he had already open it before I got home from work.  It was laying on the living room floor and had a picture of Carmen Elektra hanging on it.

You can imagine his surprise when he discovered that I bought a stripper pole!  It is so cool.  I heard so many things about using it for exercise and I just had to try it out.  A couple of days later John put it up in our bedroom.  It is a portable pole which meant that I didn’t have to drill it into a beam and I could take it anywhere.  My own private pole.

After John assembled it with instructions in Dutch I started to play.  I watched an internet video to see how to use it and tried a few moves.  It is harder than it looks but I felt triumphant until the pole detached from the ceiling and we both (the pole and I) fell head first to the floor.  I saved my head but lost the pole – my husband would have to fasten it to the ceiling.  Dammit!

I have had a few other minor pole accidents.  I ended up with metal chards in my hand and I cut my leg on the adjustable bottom.  But  now the pole is securely fastened and I have mastered several moves; one being the “Back Hook Spin”.  Every time I work the pole it takes so much upper body strength that I get so sore and achy.  I can only hope that I somehow master that giant shaft gleaming from floor to ceiling in the corner of my bedroom, since I’ve already mastered the other one.  : )

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My Favorite Posts

Everyone has their favorite posts – for various reasons….  Here are mine – well today anyway:

Notice a pattern?

Yet another pattern?

Yes.  A pattern again!

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