Happy To Be Back… A Reblog from 2010

Bopping back and forth from the bed to the bathroom floor was not my idea of fun these last few days. Stuck in the house with a stomach virus since Tuesday when I foolishly tried to go to work gave me time to ponder. Ponder what, I don't know. Maybe I should have thought about my idiocy when I got in the car at 7 am to head to work.

Why Teachers Need Summers Off

In loco parentis. Is this really true? For 185 days we teach, we enlighten and frankly babysit other people's children. We can't beat them (well, in some states you can - maybe I should move there), we are often unable to punish them effectively (there is often no follow-through). We can't take their IPODS & cell phones away for any extended period of time. We can't ground them. We can't even assess book fines without someone whining profusely, then calling administration to complain about the fine - oh and don't forget checking to see if the others have wiped their asses too. We can't even give a quiz, test or exam without some kind of negative brouhaha.

Eructation, Flatulence And Other Funny Noises?

As I’ve said before, if you are a teacher you need a sense of humor. The minute someone farts, burps or makes some other weird noise, you lose all control of the classroom for a few minutes. The giggling and laughing overtake the room. The sarcastic comments from the kids flood the class with a host of accusations about who farted, burped or otherwise. When my stiletto makes a squeak on the floor I too find it necessary to say, “That was my shoe, not me”.

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